We provide various levels of management with our hosting offerings. All servers by default are supplied with our basic level one management which indicates that your hosting packages/server is unmanaged and all software aspects are maintained by your organisation.

The highest level of management is level four which indicates ITUS DataBank handles all aspects of your server including all management, security, patches, monitoring etc. and is considered as a fully managed service.

Customers are able to upgrade/downgrade their level of management at any point of their rental.

Level 1 - Unmanaged
No assistant in software/server management included
This is the most basic level of management that we offer and is designed for system administrators who do not need our assistance. If you choose this option you are responsible for securing your server aswell as maintaining the server software and updates.

Level 2 - Self Managed
Assistance, increased management and strengthened security measures
Our level two service management packages is perfect for those who can handle the day to day operations of your server but could require occasional assistance. 20 service monitors are included with SMS/Email alerts aswell as 30 minutes technical support per month for issues such as compiling apache, dns/mailserver errors and assistance. In addition to this we will carry out an initial server hardening aswell as on demand security scans.

Level 3 - Semi Managed
Automatic server updates, security patches, software firewall configuration Our third level of management comes with one hour of technical assistance per month aswell as automatic updates for your software including the server operating system, database, dns, mail and web server software. This service also includes the optional installation and custom configuration of a software firewall. With this management package you still maintain root access to the server.

Level 4 - Fully Managed
Automatic server updates, security patches, dedicated hardware firewall, full monitoring
Our highest level of server management allows us to provide full server administration with upto 5 hours of technical assistance available per month. Our level 4 management package also comes with a dedicated hardware firewall configured at your request according to your servers intended use.

Please note when choosing Level 4 management you do not have root/administrator access to the server, if you need a control panel reseller access will be provided.