About ITUS DataBank


To provide superior quality Cloud Security Services that; CLIENTS recommend to family and friends. WEB DEVELOPERS prefer for their clients, HOSTING RESELLERS select for their developers, EMPLOYEES are proud of, and INVESTORS seek for long-term returns.




Data and Internet were words not everybody knew 30 years ago. Now, 2016, everybody, every day, is transmitting huge amounts of information on the net. Some of us are even Facebooking, Twittering, Flickering, Youtubing, Instagraming, E-mailing, sharing, and tagging every single step of our lives. It is not fictional anymore that a kid is born, and same day is given a name and a Facebook alias!

Being online has become a fundamental part of our lives, but unfortunately the knowledge of protecting our digital information is still not widely spread, which is resulting in daily mini-disasters of stolen or lost profits, files, images, documents etc. 

Many people learned the hard way how to protect, duplicate, encrypt, decode, upload, download, and backup important files. It became almost a mandatory knowledge for the modern human to learn how to choose the proper way of protecting valuable data, but the founder of ITUS Group, Prof. Dr. A. Muharib, had a slightly different approach; he went from "choosing" a suitable security solution; to "combining" all together; or as he express it; "it is like mixing all your favorite fruits into a Holly Cocktail instead of choosing which fruit to juice."

Dr. Muharib, as the former Operation Manager of Microsoft Engineer Team in Asia and the Middle East, was once asked in an interview whether Microsoft Azure is the most secure cloud solution or not, and his official answer was;

"You cannot escape from the fact that Microsoft Engineering Team is the most powerful IT engineering team on this planet; yet still they cannot pick a fight with Cisco when it comes to networking, but non of these two is a match for SiteLock's internet security experience, nor can any one of these three break the military grade security lock Eurocom is using on its mobile servers!"

This sentence became the embryo for a new establishment when Prof. Muharib and his partners summoned these four giants of IT security on one discussion table, contracted all of them, forging a truly non penetrable Data Fortress; the ITUS DataBank!



Our ultimate vision, is to make all our clients feel 100% safe about their Data no matter what that data is. It is not our right to define “importance level” and say SQL files are important, but Images are not. Nor can we categorically judge that xls files are of higher importance than docs; A photographer care nothing about SQLs, but will lose his work if images disappear, while an accountant will lose a lot of work if xls files go missing!

It is because of these facts, and due to the different nature of people’s needs and preferences; we at ITUS DataBank, have a vision of establishing safe, military grade encrypted data centers, available at accepted price rates for the normal Joe, cause as explained earlier, we all have important data.